Lockdown: Deltans Adhere To Stay-At-Home Order As Ossai Applaud Deltans

    Lockdown Order: Deltans Adhere To Stay-At-Home Order as Ossai Applaud Deltans

    Delta State Governor Sen Ifeanyi Okowa order restricting movements in Delta State for two weeks has left many major streets/roads in Delta state deserted.

    In all the places visited by the Delta State Governor aide on Media Mr Ossai Ovie Success, Deltans were seen observing the stay at Home order including social Distancing.

    According to Ossai, Deltans are law abiding citizens and the State Government led by Governor Ifeanyi Okowa need to be commended for the measures put in place in avoiding the spread and fear of COVID-19.

    “I am overwhelmed with Deltans for obeying the stay at home order by the Delta State Governor Sen Ifeanyi Okowa.

    Deltans are amazing and law abiding people .

    This is the time for us all to come together to fight this COVID-19 pandemic which has affected our economy.

    As we obey the stay at home order, we should also embark on prayer for our nation” he said while calling on well meaning Deltans to assist the people by donating food items and other preventive measures for the COVID-19.

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