Ikorodu Residents Mob Bimbo Cash, Steal Food Items Meant For Donations

A twitter user @bimbo_cash who tried organizing a giveaway to help people in these perilous times, warns people to stay away from Ikorodu.

In the video she posted, the people can be seen carting away the items, without any fear.

In her words “ Whatever help, support , relief and or charitable giving you are doing, Don’t visit Ikorodu. They are terrible people. They are broad day light looters. 150 cartons of Noodles , 150 crates of eggs, 150 satchets of Semolina looted. This is not hunger, This is stealing �”

She even tried stealing my hand bag. Volunteers bags gone , Driver’s new phone also gone . This is greed, this is robbery , this is not hunger. They are Thieves.

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