Neymar’s Salary Could Be Less Than Half That Of PSG If He Returns To Barca (MD)

    PosteNeymar’s salary could be less than half that of PSG if he returns to Barcelona this summer, according to today’s cover of Mundo Deportivo.

    The Spanish newspaper reports that ‘Neymar would charge half’ on Tuesday’s cover, and claims that the €52m that Neymar earns at PSG between his salary and bonuses, but it would be a little more than €20m at Barca.

    MD believes although the Brazilian superstar would incorporate incentives according to his performance, but if he returns to Barca, he would not do it for money.

    According to earlier reports, the signing of Neymar is complicated, but far from being ruled out as his environment is already planning a new strategy to negotiate with Barca.

    Given the result of the previous negotiation, Neymar’s environment wants to take a new direction in the negotiation, moving away from the media noise and negotiating with Barça in a more silent way, reducing any type of speculation.

    The Neymar clan wants to avoid what happened in the previous transfer market with those trips by Barça executives to Paris, the leaking of names of players that could be included in operations.

    Barca’s priority is still Lautaro, but Neymar’s environment is optimistic knowing that Bartomeu is crazy to sign him.

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