No Prophet Can Cure Coronavirus – Tharbs2 Declares

Two brothers has declared that no pastor or prophet can cure the Coronavirus pandemic.
Tharbs2 in a statement forwarded to us on Tuesday, said the current outbreak of the disease had turned a wise man into a fool.
They said,”
The foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than human strength. “If you can’t believe that God owns the earth and everything in it, you are a fool. I think those who argue that there is no God can now believe that there is God.
“This is the time for all of us, including myself to think deeply and know that everything in the world is just temporary. “Even those who have private jets now can no longer use them.
This is also telling you and I that the things of the world shall perish with the world. “I call on world leaders who don’t know God to turn to Him now before it’s too late.
Like I said, we will get over this, but I believe that God is proving Himself. “The best thing for individuals is to forsake our sins and turn to God. He will take care of this epidemic disease in His own time.
“We have to cry to God because we have allowed things of the world to overcome the love of God in our hearts. “No Pastor or Prophet can cure this disease.
Why didn’t any of us see this coming before now? “That is why I laugh anytime I see some Pastors or Prophets ascribing power to himself. God does things the way He wants.
“Can’t you see how the world is battling with unforeseen circumstances now? I have said it and I will say it again that this is time for all of us to turn to God.
“Christ will reign over the whole earth, and righteous will inherit the world.”

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