Ondo Records First Case Of Coronavirus, Military Officer Who Returned From India

We have just received confirmation of our first positive #COVIDー19 case in Ondo State this evening. The infected person is currently under isolation and will be monitored.

We have activated all necessary protocol to locate all contacts and will be working closely with @NCDCgov

The infected is in very stable condition and we ask for calm from all in Ondo State. We are on top of this and ask that our citizens continue to follow all preventive measures to ensure they remain safe.

Ondo State #COVIDー19 Index Case Update:
The index case is a military officer who was a returnee from India.
He has been in isolation since he returned and has been monitored by the medical team of the Military and our state team throughout this period.

Upon showing some symptoms, his samples were taken and the diagnosis confirmed by
@NCDCgov at their lab in Ede. We have now commenced the transfer of the officer to the state isolation center.

We have setup a #COVIDー19 Response Fund to raise much needed resources to help with our efforts. We are glad to have the folks from @EYnews provide advisory services and @SIAONIGERIA as our official auditors ALL PRO BONO. This is ensure the funds are spent judiciously.

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