SPORT NWES! RFEF Absolutely Don’t Want To Cancel The Season Amid Coronavirus Crisis (Marca)

Luis Rubiales, the president of the Spanish football federation (RFEF), remains in constant contact with both UEFA and FIFA, whilst continuing to reach out to local federations in order to try to find a way to continue the season, with public health remaining the priority.

Spanish football’s governing body absolutely don’t want to cancel the season and Rubiales has put several solutions on the table.

The RFEF were the first sporting institution to make health facilities and medical personnel available to help fight the spread of the coronavirus in the country.

The federation decided to suspend all its competitions on March 11, with LaLiga following a day later.

On March 17, the federation announced that the competitions have to be resumed, but without the pressure to do so by a specific date.

That’s because the desire of the federation is that the season doesn’t end prematurely with the standings being taken as they are right now.

Next, on March 25 the RFEF promised to allocate four million euros to non-professional clubs so that they can pay the salaries of players and coaches during this period of suspension.

The money can be paid back within two seasons without interest, with clubs in Segunda B also be able to access it.

Punctual help was also offered to women’s clubs in the country.

Right now, the bosses at the RFEF see football as secondary and are focussed on the health crisis, with the return of competitions seen as far less of a priority than national health.

There is no rush, but they do want the season to finish.

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