Stars Urged To Cover Serie C Wages

There are discussions for a ‘solidarity fund’ created from docking the wages of some Serie A and B players to help cover salaries of Serie C squads.

Calls are growing every day for professional football players to accept a pay cut and prevent non-playing staff from being furloughed or even sacked.

However, the Lega Serie C/Lega Pro would point out only a small percentage of professional football players are so rich as to afford such a luxury.

With that in mind, they have proposed 10 per cent of any cut from top tier salaries goes into a solidarity fund to protect Serie C players.

There is the very real fear that the coronavirus crisis could bankrupt several clubs in the lower tiers.

Not all Serie A and B players earn large amounts either, so this cut would not apply to those who earn €300,000 or less per season.

However, Tuttomercatoweb claim that the Players’ Association is not enthusiastic about the idea, hoping to limit the docking of wages overall.

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